Displays and advertising stands

Advertising stands and displays are a form of cardboard construction that is one of the most widely used forms of advertising measures. Their use does not always have to be commercial, instead, each time they take the form of a physical information carrier that is mobile and made of quality cardboard. They work really well in stores, shopping malls, exhibitions and in many other places.

What are advertising stands?

Advertising stands are outdoor advertising media that, depending on the creator’s idea, can have very different dimensions and do not have a strictly defined appearance. They can be made of various materials, however, the most common advertising stands are made of corrugated or laminated cardboard. Their main task is to promote sales through an interesting and distinctive display of selected products.

Why should you invest in advertising stands?

The main purpose of the advertising stands is to draw attention and interest of possible customers to a particular product so that they buy it. The stands can additionally act as a positive business card for the company, which encourages not only to reach for the displayed product, but also arouses interest in other items of the company. It is very important that the stand is not only distinctive in terms of aesthetics, but also made of solid materials, with great care and attention to its quality.

What are advertising displays?

The advertising displays are a type of racks, with space for information leaflets or small products difficult to stack (candy, spices, cosmetics, small advertising gadgets, etc.). They are made of aluminum, PCV, metal or cardboard (the most popular type).

Cardboard advertising displays may have very different shapes and forms. They can easily be personalized with each production. One may see a great ingenuity of their producers, who want to draw the attention of potential customers, who put a lot of effort to distinguish them from all others.

Where you may use cardboard advertising displays

Cardboard advertising display will have a wide range of use if they can draw attention and are made of high quality materials, with great care and attention to detail. They will work well not only in a large commercial facility, gas station but also in small stores and cafes. The most important thing is that they should present the selected product in an interesting and at the same time orderly manner and should arose both interest and trust of customers. The displays are often used not only in commercial facilities, but also at all kinds of fairs or exhibitions, where they are an interesting and convenient form of leaflet holder and all kinds of informational materials.