What Will Make Perfect Corporate Gift?

What Will Make Perfect Corporate Gift

A corporate gift is meant primarily for business and may include a variety of office-related items like personalized briefcases, cardholders, bookends and calculators. Corporate gifts might be purchased for an employee, a manager or owner, or even clients and vendors for their continued support of the company. It can be difficult to shop for a corporate gift, as working with a person in a professional setting does not necessarily give you details about their personal likes and dislikes.

This is why some gift-givers have chosen alternative selections for their corporate gifts. Some may buy prepaid credit cards as a corporate gift, which work as cash and allow recipients to choose their own gift. Others may make a charitable donation in their recipient’s name, which is a gift that emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community.

What if you could combine the best of those corporate gifts into one thoughtful gesture? Now there is a prepaid gift card that can be used as cash, while a small portion of that money goes to a charitable foundation of the recipient’s choice. This makes for an excellent corporate gift! It gives the recipient the chance to select their own gift and gives to others all over the world that are in need.

The Giving Tree Give Card is a new concept in corporate gifts. The card can be bought online and issued in amounts of $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00. The Giving Tree Give Card also puts 10% of the total amount towards the charity of the recipient’s choice, one of over one million selections! This prepaid MasterCard can be used anywhere and can be personalized to the recipient. Now instead of just making a charitable donation or buying a prepaid credit card, you can combine both in the Giving Tree Give Card.

If you would like to give such corporate gifts, contact Perfect Plastic Cards for free consultation!

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