Are plastic business cards better?

Are plastic business cards better

If you have been going around the Internet looking at business card designs then you probably encountered a lot of wild and creative layouts. There those business cards with wild shapes. There are those with seeds placed inside them. Also there are others that are made from rubber, metal wood and plastic. By far however, the plastic business card is the most practical of them all. If you haven’t yet thought about printing plastic business cards this may be the time to consider them. A lot of online business card printing services are offering plastic printing these days, including business cards. This is because there are a lot of advantages in printing in plastic.

One of these advantages is its longevity. Plastic business cards can, invariably last forever. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, so if you print your color business cards on it, your cards will last your lifetime, and even more. This presents some very good advantages to your business cards. On your end, you can print a lot of plastic business cards all at once. You won’t worry about them fading or tearing as you wait for business contacts to give them away to. On the receiving end, your contacts will always have your business card. Since it won’t easily tear, break or get damaged, they will always have a reliable printout to get your contact details easily. You will be their contact forever in a sense.

Besides staying power however, as was discussed, plastic business cards are very durable. Not only are they resistant to water and dust, they are also tear and scratch proof. This means that whatever happens to your business card, be it be thrown in a river, forgotten in the washing machine or run over by a truck it will still retain its structure to a reasonable degree. It will survive in environments where normal paper business cards cannot last.

Along with the staying power of its structure, a plastic business card also can maintain its color quality in a very long amount of time. Unlike paper business cards which run the risk of ink smudging when exposed to water, plastic business cards have the colors “locked in”. This means it will never “run” like ink in paper, and it will never fade as time passes. The colors and images will almost be always like the first print of the business card.

Of course, as a final note, plastic business cards still offer the advantages of a normal business card, if not more. It is a vehicle for your contact information and professional image. Your business contacts will appreciate the nature of your plastic business card. You can consider is as a mark of an undying partnership in business and a stamp of never-ending loyalty and friendship.

So, on your next visit to your online printing service check if they offer plastic business card printing. If they do, don’t miss the opportunity to print your name and contact details in undying plastic.

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