How frosted plastic cards can benefit your business?

How frosted plastic cards can benefit your business

Everywhere you turn you see business cards. As a matter of fact, they’re as commonplace as putting ketchup or mustard on a hamburger. When we shop at the grocery store, we can choose from several types of mustard, meaning that mustard is a useful product that has been reinvented several times throughout the years. The same thing is true for business cards; the traditional paper business card that we are all so accustomed to has been reinvented as the frosted plastic business card. They are rapidly replacing the standard paper card.

What are frosted business cards?

Frosted business cards typically are roughly the same size as a standard paper card, although some can be slightly larger. Frosted cards are made from a sturdy plastic that will not break or tear easily, the way paper cards do after a while. They are not damaged by dirt or moisture, and they can safely be kept in a wallet or purse for long periods of time.

Typically, frosted plastic cards can be seen through, and they can be designed using graphics or themes that bring the relevant company to mind. The information they present is the same type of information that any business card would provide, including:

The name of the company All pertinent contact information The company’s branding, such as its logo, image or slogan Of course, the main information people want when they pick up or receive a business card is the relevant contact information, making it crucial to present this information on a frosted card. Company branding is also essential, because it provides long-term advertising for the company.

Benefits of Frosted Cards

People who receive frosted cards immediately notice they are different from standard paper business cards. They are distinctly different and currently quite noticeable. Recipients are less likely to throw them away; instead, they want to hang onto them and look at them again. People feel as though they have received something of value rather than a simple piece of paper.

This means that the company’s information will be seen by potential clients for a longer length of time. Frosted cards are also more apt to be passed from person to person, which gets the company’s name in front of other people as well.

Finally, frosted cards are more durable and don’t tear up as easily as paper cards. They can stay in a wallet for many years without becoming illegible or otherwise falling apart. This means customers will hold onto them longer and businesses won’t have to keep giving the same clients their card over and over. This can actually save money over the long run, even if the initial investment is higher.

Who Uses Frosted Cards?

Many companies are giving out frosted business cards to show clients and potential clients that their business is appreciated and their interactions are valued. Some companies are now using frosted cards in place of all paper cards, while others use them only for specific marketing campaigns.

Any company that has information they want people to see for a long time would be well-advised to buy frosted cards.

The future of business cards is here

Frosted cards might be novel today, but they do grab attention and they will be the standard business card in the future. They are rapidly replacing traditional paper business cards, which don’t hold up over time. Why not get ahead of the crowd and switch to frosted cards today?

If you want to know what frosted plastic cards can do for your business contact us.

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