Case study – Pizza maker’s loyalty program

Case study – Pizza maker’s loyalty program

Increasing Customer Loyalty: A Case Study

California-based pizza maker zpizza understands the importance of repeat custom to its business, having recently run an integrated direct marketing campaign combining mail, e-mail and mobile to entice consumers to join its ‘ztribe’ loyalty club. The chain – which is known for making gourmet pizza with unique toppings – is hoping to build the club with the long-term goal of doing more business with its members in the future.

Zpizza particularly wanted to increase the number of ‘heavy users’ – customers who spend over $50 a month and order at least twice – at each of their stores across the US. The aim of the campaign was to identify local people and entice them to join the loyalty scheme.

The zpizza campaign consisted of pizza themed scratch cards that were mailed to up to 3,000 people in the local area surrounding each store. Recipients could then text in their winning code revealed on the scratch card along with their email address to claim whichever prize they had won. There was an assortment of prizes, of which the majority were free coupons; however prizes up to $5000 were possible.

The result of the campaign was a resounding success. Zpizza not only spurred existing customers into action, but also reached potential new customers; receiving nearly 2000 entries from their scratch card campaign. Registrations to ztribe were up nearly 20% compared to the regular sign-up rate. Zpizza hopes to run another loyalty promotion in the near future.

The majority of businesses, including zpizza, understand that encouraging repeat business can have a huge positive impact on their bottom line. Most recently, a study from business intelligence consultant Retail Active found that it can cost as much to gain one new customer as it does to keep five existing ones, and that repeat customers typically spend about one-third more than new ones.

If you need free consultation, how your company can benefit from such loyalty programs, please contact us.

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