Over 80% customers in Western Europe pay too much for plastic PVC cards


We have bad news and good news for you. Bad news: According to our recent market research 80% customers pay too much for plastic cards prices in Western Europe.
Good news is that you don’t have to do this research yourself and you can save money and time. Please also notice below how big is the price difference between suppliers.





One can ask how it is possible, that Perfect Cards company has such low prices?
We manufacture in Poland which has one of the lowest costs of production in Europe.

What about quality – is it possible to have top quality for such price?
Yes, Perfect Cards company has hundreds of repeat customers in Europe and we received many quality awards for plastic cards. You can order free sample pack here to check quality.

About Perfect Cards company:
We are low cost, large volume manufacturer in Poland with 10 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Please see what cards are available: Plastic cards in Perfect Cards

Whole list of products and services: Full list of products and services of Perfect Cards

Gallery of past projects of plastic cards: Gallery of Perfect Cards

Quote form to get prices: Quote form.

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