Barcode PVC Cards

Custom Barcode PVC Cards

Need Custom Barcode Plastic Cards? Impress with unique Barcode PVC cards designed for you at Perfect-Cards. Drop us a line at and elevate your professional image.

Barcode Technology: The Simplified Encoding Solution Barcodes offer the most straightforward way to encode information onto a PVC card, characterized by varying black lines that are decoded using a barcode scanner.

Which Barcode Type is Right for You?

The choice of barcode largely depends on your scanner’s specifications. Modern devices can read most of the popular barcode types, including QR codes. It’s essential to consider the amount of information you wish to encode. While the European EAN-8 barcode holds just 7 digits (plus a check digit), the Code 128 can encode up to 128 characters.

Key Barcode Types for PVC Cards

Barcodes speed up data collection and processing. Given their versatility, there are several barcode types:

  • Code-128, Code-39, and ITF 2z5: These types can hold varying number lengths. Remember, lengthy numbers result in an extended code.
  • EAN-13: This has a fixed 12-digit length (plus an automatic check digit).
  • EAN-8: Holds 7 digits (plus a check digit).
  • EAN codes always have digits below the bars, while Code-128, Code-39, and ITF 2z5 can be just bars or include numbers.

Personalize with Barcode Encoding

Our PVC card personalization offers unique barcode printing, perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, and access control. Provide your sequence of unique numbers, or let us generate them for you during card production. Remember, EAN-13 barcodes consist of a sequence of digits arranged column-wise.

Designing Your Barcode PVC Card

A compelling design requires some essentials, like CMYK coloration and bleed edges (extra margin). We offer templates for ease. When embedding barcodes, it’s crucial to have a white space beneath them for seamless scanning. Specific minimum sizes are:

  • EAN-13: width 40mm (min 32mm)
  • EAN-8: width 28mm (min 22mm)
  • Code-128: width 32mm (min 25mm)
  • Code-39: width 46mm (min 36mm)
  • ITF 2z5: width min 22mm The height for each barcode should be 12mm or more (min 10mm).

Barcodes: A Time-Tested Solution for Information Encoding

Barcodes have stood the test of time as the simplest, most cost-effective means of encoding data on cards. Their preparation, printing, and utilization are efficient and precise. If you’re uncertain about the scanner or the right barcode for your card, don’t hesitate to contact us. Ready with a preliminary barcode card design? Use our estimate form to get an idea of the costs. We also invite you to explore other encoding methods like magnetic strips, memory modules, proximity modules, or NFC tags.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of Barcode Plastic Cards you can produce?

We have the capability to produce plastic cards in any size. The exact dimensions are determined by the die cutter selected for the order.

Can I order Barcode plastic cards in unique shapes, not just the standard rectangular format?

Absolutely, we can accommodate unique shapes upon request.

What is the minimum and maximum number of transparent cards I can order?

For offset printed cards, the minimum order is 200 cards, while for digital prints, it’s 4 cards. There is no maximum limit; we can produce orders in the millions.

Do you offer design services, or do I need to provide my own card design?

Yes, we offer design services at no additional cost.

How long does the production of Barcode Plastic Cards take from order placement to delivery?

The standard production time starts from 5 business days, depending on the quantity of cards and the complexity of the chosen options.

Do you offer express production for urgent card orders?

Yes, we do cater to express production requests for time-sensitive orders.

What are the available delivery options and how much does it cost to ship Barcode Plastic Cards?

For orders up to 40,000 cards, we offer UPS Standard or Express Saver, depending on client preferences. For orders exceeding 50,000 cards, we use Raben as our delivery partner. For orders up to 5,000 cards, shipping is free.

Can I order a sample before placing a bulk order?

Certainly, we encourage sampling before a larger order commitment.

What payment methods do you accept, and do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We only accept bank transfers. Indeed, we offer discounts for larger orders. Furthermore, we’re receptive to our customers’ suggestions and are flexible in providing discounts even for smaller orders when feasible.