Custom Metallic Silk-screen Plastic Card

Need Custom Metallic Silk-screen Plastic Cards? Impress with unique metallic-silk cards designed for you at Perfect-Cards. Drop us a line at and elevate your professional image.

Elevate your brand’s persona with the unmistakable sheen of our plastic cards infused with a metallic underlay. This special paint, enriched with glittering metallic particles, delivers a deep color richness and radiant visual effects.

Diverse Metallic Shades at Your Disposal

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our metallic-underlaid cards come in three primary hues:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Pearl

Further enhancing our offering, each shade presents in two distinct tints, offering you a total of six vibrant color possibilities. This diversity empowers your brand to select the ideal metallic backdrop to achieve the desired visual impact.

Ways to Showcase the Metallic Essence

The metallic underlay can be introduced in two distinct styles:

  1. As a Full Background: While the metallic touch can grace the entire card’s surface, it’s essential to ensure the chosen metallic hue complements your card design’s overall palette. For instance, a design replete with light, delicate text might become less readable against a backdrop sparkling with gold and silver particles. Especially critical for those with visual impairments, this can be circumvented by, say, darkening a golden backdrop slightly, preserving the glittering underlay while heightening contrast with lighter inscriptions.

  2. Selective Imprints: Traditionally, to accentuate vital card details, one could gloss them with shimmering silver, gold, or pearl selective varnishes, available in both glossy and matte finishes. Alternatively, metallic paints with sparkling particles can be employed. This not only makes logos visually prominent but also tactilely noticeable, all the while bestowing a metallic sheen upon them.

Laminating Your Glistening Cards

Much like their conventional counterparts, all metallic-underlaid plastic cards can undergo either a glossy or matte lamination. Moreover, the metallic prints, including gold, silver, and pearl, can be applied to transparent cards, amplifying your card’s unique quotient.

Choose to dazzle. Make your brand memorable with our metallic-underlaid plastic cards. Shine brighter with every interaction.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of Metallic Silk-screen Plastic Cards you can produce?

We have the capability to produce plastic cards in any size. The exact dimensions are determined by the die cutter selected for the order.

Can I order Metallic Silk-screen plastic cards in unique shapes, not just the standard rectangular format?

Absolutely, we can accommodate unique shapes upon request.

What is the minimum and maximum number of Metallic Silk-screen cards I can order?

For offset printed cards, the minimum order is 200 cards, while for digital prints, it’s 4 cards. There is no maximum limit; we can produce orders in the millions.

Do you offer design services, or do I need to provide my own card design?

Yes, we offer design services at no additional cost.

How long does the production of Metallic Silk-screen Plastic Cards take from order placement to delivery?

The standard production time starts from 5 business days, depending on the quantity of cards and the complexity of the chosen options.

Do you offer express production for urgent card orders?

Yes, we do cater to express production requests for time-sensitive orders.

What are the available delivery options and how much does it cost to ship Metallic Silk-screen Plastic Cards?

For orders up to 40,000 cards, we offer UPS Standard or Express Saver, depending on client preferences. For orders exceeding 50,000 cards, we use Raben as our delivery partner. For orders up to 5,000 cards, shipping is free.

Can I order a sample before placing a bulk order?

Certainly, we encourage sampling before a larger order commitment.

What payment methods do you accept, and do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We only accept bank transfers. Indeed, we offer discounts for larger orders. Furthermore, we’re receptive to our customers’ suggestions and are flexible in providing discounts even for smaller orders when feasible.