Custom Signature Strip PVC Cards

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A signature strip enables the cardholder to inscribe their signature onto the card. The card can also feature multiple writable surfaces, allowing for more extensive personalization or the addition of varied data based on specific requirements.

Basics and Uses of PVC Cards with Signature Strips

A signature strip is a special varnish applied to a designated area on a PVC card. This varnish allows for writing on the card using a pen, pencil, or marker. Without this dedicated strip, it’s challenging to make a permanent pen signature on a laminated or varnished card. One could potentially use a CD marker, but the ink tends to smear after a short period.

The signature strip can come in various shapes and sizes and can be positioned anywhere on the card. It can even cover the entire card surface, transforming the card into a coupon, for instance, to mark used offers. However, the writable section is most commonly designed as a rectangle with either sharp or rounded corners.

Applications of Cards with Signature Strips

PVC cards with a signature strip can be utilized extensively in business, for example, as:

  • Gift cards with space for writing wishes or the amount available for use.
  • Membership cards or badges with fields for personal details and the cardholder’s signature.
  • Luggage tags with areas for contact details, helping locate the owner if the baggage is lost.
  • “In case of emergency” cards, “SOS” cards, or donor cards which, besides contact details, can have checkboxes for health conditions, medications, allergies, etc.
  • Bookmarks with space to note down favorite quotes.
  • Pet IDs with fields for the pet owner’s information. This only scratches the surface of potential applications. The signature strip is a widespread feature that often replaces machine personalization (e.g., thermal printing). If you require cards, such as patient cards, club cards, or ID badges but don’t want to machine-print personal details, signature strips are an excellent choice.

Signature Strips with Added Security

If needed, the signature area can be further secured against forgery attempts, like erasing and rewriting data. This security involves adding a special pigment layer on the signature strip, which gets damaged upon contact with an eraser, solvent, or any other tool. In other words, one can sign on the strip covered with this varnish, but any erasing attempts will visibly damage it. This simple method is a popular and quite effective way to secure signature strip cards.

PVC Cards with Signature Strips

For cards with a vast amount of personal information, such as employee or student IDs, a solution enabling personalization and permanent data protection can be applied. Such a card can have multiple signature strips and a dedicated space for a photo. This allows manual data input and photo placement. Once data is added and the photo positioned, a protective laminate can be applied, preventing data tampering.

This approach reduces the card’s creation cost, as it bypasses machine personalization expenses. It also allows on-the-spot card personalization, especially beneficial when the personal details of all card users aren’t known beforehand.

Designing PVC Cards with Signature Strips

When designing the graphics for a PVC card with a signature strip, remember that the strip is transparent. Ensure the card has the desired color where the signature strip will be placed. We also offer a white signature strip, although it’s less commonly used due to its limited versatility.

To order cards with a signature strip, in addition to the main card graphics, prepare a separate PDF file for all elements to be covered by the signature strip. These elements must be in 100% black (K only).

Cards with signature strips are an excellent way to card personalization, add extra security, or create unique cards for specific functions. Please get in touch to discuss the technical aspects of creating cards with signature strips. Or use our quotation form to get an estimated cost for such cards.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of Signature Strip Plastic Cards you can produce?

We have the capability to produce plastic cards in any size. The exact dimensions are determined by the die cutter selected for the order.

Can I order Signature Strip plastic cards in unique shapes, not just the standard rectangular format?

Absolutely, we can accommodate unique shapes upon request.

What is the minimum and maximum number of cards I can order?

For offset printed cards, the minimum order is 200 cards, while for digital prints, it’s 4 cards. There is no maximum limit; we can produce orders in the millions.

Do you offer design services, or do I need to provide my own card design?

Yes, we offer design services at no additional cost.

How long does the production of Plastic Cards take from order placement to delivery?

The standard production time starts from 5 business days, depending on the quantity of cards and the complexity of the chosen options.

Do you offer express production for urgent card orders?

Yes, we do cater to express production requests for time-sensitive orders.

What are the available delivery options and how much does it cost to ship Signature strip Plastic Cards?

For orders up to 40,000 cards, we offer UPS Standard or Express Saver, depending on client preferences. For orders exceeding 50,000 cards, we use Raben as our delivery partner. For orders up to 5,000 cards, shipping is free.

Can I order a sample before placing a bulk order?

Certainly, we encourage sampling before a larger order commitment.

What payment methods do you accept, and do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We only accept bank transfers. Indeed, we offer discounts for larger orders. Furthermore, we’re receptive to our customers’ suggestions and are flexible in providing discounts even for smaller orders when feasible.