Custom City & Family Plastic Cards

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The versatility, functionality, and convenience of plastic cards have made them increasingly popular, not just among businesses, but also with governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Features such as personalization, radio communication modules, and data storage capabilities enable their use as city cards, identification badges, work permits, urban transit tickets, reader cards, senior cards, and more.

Custom City Cards – Opportunities

Modern manufacturing elements for plastic cards offer a wide range of benefits to both users and the issuing organization. They facilitate public transportation, provide access to select cultural events or urban services, identify citizens, and authenticate access to governmental services. Simplifying administrative processes and facilitating the monitoring of service utilization becomes seamless, majorly due to two primary features:

  • Personalization: Personalize the cards with variable data like card numbers, names, photos, barcodes, QR codes, and signature strips, thus connecting a card explicitly with its user.

  • Proximity Radio Modules: Commonly known as RFID tags, these enable radio communication with tag readers. Such modules also allow data storage, meaning user identification data and service parameters can be encoded on the card.

Outfitting cards with these features enables their use as IDs, access cards, tickets, city cards, parking cards, resident cards, and more. Each card is unique, designated only to one user, is programmable, and communicates with respective readers. Additional security measures like microprinting, holograms, or UV printing can be added. If desired, decorative features like embossed lettering or metallic prints can also be included.

Collaboration Invitation

We warmly invite city offices, municipalities, libraries, clubs, and NGOs to collaborate with us. With our extensive experience in card production, we can provide guidance and select the right card features and solutions for your needs. Please get in touch, and send us a quotation form to get an estimated cost of producing such cards. Below, we present the most common uses of plastic cards for urban and organizational purposes.

Types and Examples of City and Family Cards:

  • Senior cards
  • Monthly tickets
  • Gym passes
  • Work IDs
  • Family cards
  • Library cards
  • Student IDs