Custom Recycled, Eco-Friendly Cards

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Recycled Cards

These are the perfect choice for businesses wanting to stand out in their customers’ wallets while highlighting their dedication to sustainability. Our eco-friendly cards not only address the plastic issue but also offer the convenience that comes with traditional plastic cards. 

Eco Solutions for Plastic Cards

The market offers various solutions for eco-friendly plastic cards. You can completely ditch the plastic and opt for cards made of cardboard, wood, or even metal. However, if you prefer the plastic feel while staying green, bio-plastic or biodegradable plastic cards are available. While each of these solutions has its advantages, they also come with drawbacks, such as limited durability, print restrictions, potentially higher costs, or specific decomposition requirements.

Currently, the most effective eco-friendly solution is using recycled plastic that’s also recyclable. These cards are environmentally conscious as they reduce the demand for virgin plastic.

100% recycled PVC

Thanks to advancements in technology, recycled plastic retains the physical and mechanical properties ideal for card production. Visually, these cards are indistinguishable from those made from regular PVC. This means they can be utilized for a variety of purposes:

  • Business cards
  • Loyalty and gift cards
  • Membership/club cards
  • Identification and badges
  • Luggage tags, and more.

Moreover, these eco-friendly cards can be embellished with additional selective varnish, glittery backgrounds (gold, silver, or pearl), and can be enhanced with matte or glossy lamination.

Custom Eco-Friendly Cards – Consider the Recycled Option

We encourage you to consider the eco-friendly printing option. Cards made from eco-friendly materials are only slightly more expensive than regular ones. When requesting a quote, please mention in the comments if you’d like a quote for cards made from eco-friendly materials.