Dedicated Packaging Solutions, Quality & Technology

A wide range of structures made mainly at the customer’s request but also according to the standards that we have in our catalog of ready-made structures.


Thanks to the use of modern software and efficient cutting and printing plotters, we can design almost any packaging or stand for which we will create a prototype also with digital printing. In addition, instead of physical models, we can also prepare 3D models in the form of pdf files with the possibility of free rotation and preview of the packaging with the graphics. Going further, the model of the designed packaging together with the graphics can be presented in the form of virtual reality. It is a tool thanks to which you can see your yet unrealized project – the product wherever you want – on the store shelf, on the counter – wherever you point your smartphone’s camera.

Our Machines

A modern and large machine park, which includes, among others, 6-color, hybrid thistle machines with a Coldfoiling module, 6-point gluing machines, automatic die-cuts and many others allow us to quickly produce high-quality packaging. We have an ISO 9000 certificate and an FSC certificate, which gives us the opportunity to use the FSC logo on your packaging, which certainly raises the product range in our packaging.

Package Design – DTP

Designing and preparing materials for printing is a multi-stage and complex process. The selection of photos, content and the creation of graphics play a very important role in the subsequent activities. In projects, the visual setting is extremely important, which will attract the attention of the recipient and encourage him to buy the product. Using the experience accumulated over the years in the printing industry, we have gained a position that allows us to carry out orders at the highest level. Our offer is very wide, so each client can choose a solution tailored to their needs and budget.


We have an extensive and modern high-bay warehouse for finished products with a number of logistic devices and our own transport – new trucks with a container body and an elevator. Thanks to this, we ensure safe and fast delivery of packaging to the customer.

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Packaging Made Of Solid Cartons

They are made of solid cardboard in grammages from 210g – 600g with gray, white, cream or brown bottom, as well as special colored cardboard. The full range of constructions according to the ECMA catalog – from simple boxes, through springform pans, to complex glued constructions, up to 6 points. We offset this type of packaging on both sides (obverse and reverse) up to 6 colors with many types of refinements such as glossy or matt UV varnishes, Hybrid, Holographic Cast & Cure. Additionally, the colors can be enriched with metalize Coldfoil, which gives the full range of metallic colors obtained on a white substrate. Solid cardboard products can also be hotstamped and embossed, and they can have foil windows glued on.

Brown Carton Packaging With Offset Print

This type of packaging, also called “Eco”, can be laminated or made of solid cardboard. Thanks to the use of brown Kraftlinet cardboard, they have a very ecological appearance, and the offset print makes the quality of the printed graphics very good and expressive. Full range of Ecma and Fefco designs. They can be refined by hotstamping, stamping, but also matt and glossy foils.
They combine the quality of offset printing and the stiffness and thickness of corrugated cardboard. They can be used as display packaging while fulfilling a very good protective function. A very wide range of design possibilities according to the Fefco catalog as well as individual projects. Large range of packaging sizes from small E-wave boxes to large 5-layer BE and BC packaging. They can be refined with many methods – glossy or matt UV varnishes, Hybrid, Holographic Cast & Cure, Coldfoil metallization, which gives a full range of metallic colors obtained on a white surface, Hot Stamping, stamping, foil windows.

“Crimped” Packaging

Very effective representative packaging – the so-called “Giftboxes”. Made of 4-layer cardboard, with the wave on the outside “corrugated”, which creates the so-called Eco effect. Designed and manufactured on the basis of most items from the Fefco catalog and based on individual constructions. They can be printed in flexographic technology, as well as enriched with embossing, hotstamping and additional gluing, creating a 3D effect.
A full range of constructions according to the FEFCO catalog as well as individually designed (pizza packaging, giftboxes, bottle baskets, etc.). They can be made of gray and white E, B, C, EB, BC corrugated cardboard with flexo printing. They can have an automatic bottom, glued bottom or other design solutions, such as small displays. We also have the option of sticking tear-off and adhesive tapes – an ideal solution for shipping packages where you need to quickly close the package (glued with a glued tape) and quick opening through perforation. An additional second strip of adhesive tape allows the customer to return the package in the same package.

Unusual Projects

In addition to standard packages from Fefco and ECMA catalogs, we can design virtually any structure for you, such as Advent calendars, gift packages with unusual and irregular shapes, bottle carriers, animal carriers, or even the first cots for newborns. Each of these products can be laminated or made of solid cardboard with full offset prints and a whole range of refinements and additional plastic accessories.


Structures intended for the presentation of your products in stores, on counters and on store shelves. Made in full offset printing technology color and a whole range of refinements (Coldfoil, UV and Holographic Cast & Cure varnishes, foils or Hot Stamping) or in cheaper versions with flexo printing up to 2 colors. A wide range of structures designed mainly according to individual customer needs.
Large and often very complex structures intended for the sale of products directly from the stand on the store floor. A wide range of structures made mainly at the customer’s request but also according to the standards that we have in our catalog of ready-made structures. They are produced as laminated with an offset print or in a cheaper version with a flexo print. We also have the option of making small series of this type of construction (from 1 piece) with digital UV printing and cut on cutting plotters.
They are made of white and gray cardboard with a thickness of 1.5 mm to 7 mm using E, B, C, EB, BC waves. They can be flexo printed up to 2 colors (logos, pictograms, EAN codes, descriptions). Made on automatic machines that enable production without the use of dedicated dies, but may have universal punched elements such as handles, holes, etc. For this type of packaging, we can make such accessories without the use of dies: grates, spacers, covers and others.