Printed boxes

Modern companies prepare their marketing strategy very meticulously. Why? High competition mobilizes the use of new solutions, including the solutions on advertising in general. Therefore, it is important to consider the use of motives that are characteristic for a company – logotype, which increases the recognition of a particular group of goods – in this way the products will stand out among other offerings proposed by competitors.

Printed cardboard packaging – an effective marketing tool

Many industries need robust and practical packaging to protect products from mechanical damage. What’s more, aesthetically packaged products show professionalism and convince further interested customers to make a purchase. It is worth taking advantage of this marketing function and designing the packaging in such a way that it is practical and at the same time attractive to the eye. The designs remembered by customers will evoke positive associations related to a brand, and the customers will be eager to make more purchases. For the company itself, of course, this is an excellent investment in long-term advertising.

Printed cardboard boxes – types

Packaging is tailored to the specific industry and type of products. One of the most popular solutions that fit in with eco-friendly trends are designs made of durable cardboard. Flap and die-cut cardboard boxes with flexographic printing, made in various sizes and shapes, are very popular. This type of packaging is extremely functional, which definitely improves a lot of work related to logistics and direct customer service. Small and large cardboard packaging used on a daily basis for the purpose of storing goods, are also very useful for shipments made by online stores. Solid or laminated boxes with full print can perfectly display the product. With offset technology, we will print a design with excellent quality that will catch the attention of customers. At the same time, it is worth remembering that an original printed box positively affects the brand image, which in a broader context translates directly into satisfactory sales results.

Printed cardboard packagings are very popular in food, clothing, cosmetics and drugstore industries. Moreover, this type of packaging does not require a lot of costs to be borne and is a great motivation for choosing an eco-friendly solution. Personalized logo boxes are highly valuable in promoting new products, which are just conquering the market. Such boxes can be an attractive advertising gadget, also used at industry events, such as trade shows and tastings.