Custom ID Cards Printing

Looking for Custom ID Cards? Order bespoke ID cards tailored to your needs at Perfect-Cards. Contact us now at and get your personalized ID cards.

From employee and trade show badges to school, student, and professional IDs, we provide laminated, personalized plastic cards equipped with specialized prints or holographic designs. For an added touch of elegance, they can be embellished with embossed varnish, designed to accommodate signatures, and shaped in unique dimensions and sizes. Need more advanced features? Our ID cards can also be incorporated with proximity radio modules.

ID Cards Tailored To Your Needs

Crafted with an intriguing color palette and laminated to perfection, our plastic ID cards come with a perforation, ready to be attached to a lanyard. Whether you opt for a simple white ID with a signature strip or a sophisticated design with prints, barcodes, or even NFC modules, we’ve got you covered. Whether standard credit-card sized or uniquely shaped like circles, squares, teardrops, or more – commonly aligned to the A7 standard (105×74 mm) – the possibilities are limitless. Our advanced technology and extensive experience in card printing allow us to produce even the most intricate ID designs.

Sample ID Card Specification:

  • White PVC material
  • Dimensions: 86×54 mm or customized
  • Offset CMYK print on one or both sides
  • Choice of glossy or matte lamination
  • Personalization options: name, number, barcode or QR code
  • Various perforation styles
  • Comes with a plastic case and a 10mm sublimation lanyard with a carabiner

Unprecedented ID Personalization

True to its name, an ID card identifies its holder. Hence, linking the ID to its rightful owner through personalization is crucial. This can be achieved by printing unique variable data, numeric or personal (like names). IDs can include:

  • Signature strips
  • Unique numbers
  • Full name
  • Photographs
  • Barcodes or QR codes
  • RFID, MiFare, NFC modules or magnetic strips Mix and match the methods to craft the perfect ID – whether it’s an ID with a number and signature strip, or a badge with a picture, name, number, and NFC module.

Advanced Holographic Security

Depending on requirements, ID cards can be fortified with basic to advanced security features. Personalization itself acts as a primary security level, ensuring the ID’s authenticity. Furthermore, our high-quality offset printing allows the inclusion of microprints – minute texts visible under magnification, or intricate, hard-to-replicate designs. Among popular security measures are ‘secret’ UV ink prints (visible only under UV light) and the addition of holograms.

Luxe Decorative Options

An ID card can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For upscale events, get an exclusive-looking ID, featuring:

  • Metallic base, shimmering with pearlescent, silver, or gold sparkles
  • Or a contrast with dark matte lamination for a sophisticated look
  • Selective varnish for added texture and shine on specific elements
  • Embossed personalization – like names coated in silver varnish
  • Unlimited combinations of high-end prints and features, like matte laminates with gold-embossed numbers and logos adorned with selective varnish.

Essential ID Card Accessories

When ordering from us, your IDs can be readily complemented with necessary accessories:

  • Sublimation lanyards with metal carabiners
  • Transparent holders with perforations, available in hard or soft materials, attachable via clips, magnets, or pins
  • Silicone loops, steel cords, and straps for luggage tags.

With our unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality, trust us to craft the perfect ID cards that align with your brand’s prestige. Your identity is our priority.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of ID Plastic Cards you can produce?

We have the capability to produce plastic cards in any size. The exact dimensions are determined by the die cutter selected for the order.

Can I order ID plastic cards in unique shapes, not just the standard rectangular format?

Absolutely, we can accommodate unique shapes upon request.

What is the minimum and maximum number of ID cards I can order?

For offset printed cards, the minimum order is 200 cards, while for digital prints, it’s 4 cards. There is no maximum limit; we can produce orders in the millions.

Do you offer design services, or do I need to provide my own card design?

Yes, we offer design services at no additional cost.

How long does the production of ID Plastic Cards take from order placement to delivery?

The standard production time starts from 5 business days, depending on the quantity of cards and the complexity of the chosen options.

Do you offer express production for urgent card orders?

Yes, we do cater to express production requests for time-sensitive orders.

What are the available delivery options and how much does it cost to ship ID Plastic Cards?

For orders up to 40,000 cards, we offer UPS Standard or Express Saver, depending on client preferences. For orders exceeding 50,000 cards, we use Raben as our delivery partner. For orders up to 5,000 cards, shipping is free.

Can I order a sample before placing a bulk order?

Certainly, we encourage sampling before a larger order commitment.

What payment methods do you accept, and do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We only accept bank transfers. Indeed, we offer discounts for larger orders. Furthermore, we’re receptive to our customers’ suggestions and are flexible in providing discounts even for smaller orders when feasible.